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Paperdoll - Skills


Many skills in the Outlands have been improved upon (such as Spirit Speak, Camping, Forensic Evaluation, etc), so it is important to learn what every skill does. Some skills (such as Throwing, Imbuing, etc) are listed but not in use on the shard. You can find detailed information about every skill below.









  • Bushido
  • Chivalry
  • Focus
  • Imbuing
  • Mysticism
  • Necromancy
  • Spellweaving
  • Throwing

Skill Mastery[edit]

  • skillmasterystuff.png
    Skill Mastery refers to the ability of players to increase their Total Skill Cap and Skill Cap for individual skills
  • Starting Total Skill Cap for players is 700 points
  • Players may increase their Total Skill Cap up to 720 points through use of Skill Mastery Orbs
  • Skill Mastery Orbs increase the Total Skill Cap by 1 point
  • Individual skills have a starting Skill Cap of 100 points
  • Players may increase Individual Skill Caps for a variety of non-PvP skills up to 120 points through use of Skill Mastery Scrolls
  • Skill Mastery Scrolls increase an individual Skill Cap by 1 point
  • Read more details at Skill Mastery


The three stats are Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. You can have a total of 225 stat points, so as you get near the cap you can use the arrows to adjust the way that you will gain one stat and lose another.

  • Strength: determines how many Hit Points you have and how much you can carry
  • Dexterity: determines how fast you can attack, how fast bandages heal, and how much Stamina you have
  • Intelligence: determines how much Mana you have to cast spells with