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Many mechanics and activities within the Outlands are tracked and shown on the Server Rankings page. Rankings are updated hourly and a player can click the "Show My Ranking" button to jump to the page that they are on for an individual ranking category.


  • Guild Prestige
  • Gold Earned
  • Faction Reward Points
  • Arena Reward Points
  • Taming Records Held
  • Creatures Killed
  • Paragon Creatures Killed
  • Mini-Bosses Killed
  • Ankh Tokens Earned
  • Bosses Killed
  • Event Score
  • Dungeon Chests
  • Treasure Map Chests
  • Doubloons Earned
  • Aspect Mastery Levels
  • Customizations Unlocked
  • Resource Maps Completed
  • Ingots Used in Crafting
  • Ore Harvested
  • Boards Used in Crafting
  • Logs Harvested
  • Leather Used in Crafting
  • Leather Skinned
  • Reagents Used in Crafting
  • Arcane Scrolls Used in Crafting
  • Special Ingredients Used in Crafting
  • Fish Caught
  • Fishing Spots Completed
  • Messages in Bottles Completed
  • Special Fishing Nets Used
  • Fishing Records Held
  • Sheep Sheared
  • Liar's Dice Winnings
  • Monster Shuffle Winnings