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"Found as loot on creatures and in chests, Resource Maps yield Lumber, Ore, Skins, and Fish. They must be deciphered in the same manner as with Treasure Maps, with a Cartographer. Their skill, coupled with the quality of Spyglass they use, will yield a map of varying degree of accuracy. Your individual Gathering skill (Lumberjacking, Mining, Fishing, Forensics) will determine how close you need to be to the actual gathering spot in order to find it. (Note: Fishing Resource maps will always be land-based, you will not need a boat)."

GrizzlysGhost - Notes/Findings/Random Thoughts Forum Post

Deciphering a Resource Map[edit]

  • resourcemaps.png
    Deciphering a Resource Map requires the Cartography skill and a Spyglass
    • Double-click the Spyglass and target the Resource Map
    • Spyglasses gain a higher accuracy and success chance when crafted with better quality and materials
  • Click the gem to begin Deciphering a map
  • Once it has been deciphered, a map with the estimated location will appear

Locating the Resource[edit]

Fishing Map[edit]

  • Base Search Range of 4
  • Search range increased by (100% * (Fishing Skill / 100))

Lumber Map[edit]

  • Base Search Range of 3
  • Search range increased by (100% * (Lumberjacking Skill / 100))

Ore Map[edit]

  • Base Search Range of 2
  • Search range increased by (100% * (Mining Skill / 100))

Skinning Map[edit]

  • Base Search Range of 4
  • Search range increased by (100% * (Forensic Eval Skill / 100))

Search ranges for all Resource Maps are further improved by using higher quality tools (tool bonuses stack with skill bonuses):

  • wiki-resources-ore.png
    Exceptional Tool: +25% Search Range
  • Mastercrafted Tool: +50% Search Range
  • Dull Copper Tool: +30% Search Range
  • Shadow Iron Tool: +40% Search Range
  • Copper Tool: +50% Search Range
  • Bronze Tool: +60% Search Range
  • Gold Tool: +70% Search Range
  • Agapite Tool: +80% Search Range
  • Verite Tool: +90% Search Range
  • Valorite Tool: +100% Search Range
  • Avarite Tool: +110% Search Range

Completing a Resource Map[edit]

  • With a deciphered Resource Map in your backpack, travel to the location with the appropriate gathering tool
  • Use the tool and target yourself to begin harvesting
  • If you are near the location, a 'camp' will appear
  • Use the tool and target yourself again to make a tracking arrow appear which will lead directly to the location
  • Harvest away!
  • Double click the camp to remove it