Research Materials

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Deciphering Research Materials[edit]

  • To begin researching, players must click the correct sequence of skills
  • There are 5 total "clicks" to decipher Research Materials
  • The selected skills will have an impact on the text of the page, making it easier or more difficult to read
  • When the correct sequence has been completed, the Research Materials will become a Lore Page

Lore Page[edit]

  • When Research Materials have been deciphered, it will become a Lore Page
  • Lore Pages contain stories of monsters, locations, characters and more
  • Lore Pages can be freely traded to other players

Lore Book[edit]

  • Can be crafted with 110 Inscription skill
  • Drag and drop a Lore Page onto a Lore Book
    • It will become a specific Lore Book to that history
    • For example, you cannot combine a Lore Page from Inferno into a Lore Book for Creatures of Aegis Keep
    • Only one of each Lore Page can be added to a Lore Book
    • Lore Books range from 10-15 pages
  • Once a Lore Book has been completed, it will reward a Level 8 (Legendarily Drawn) Treasure Map