Corrupted Shrines

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  • Once per day, at a randomized time, one Virtue Shrine in the world will become Corrupted
  • Corrupted Shrines have unique graphics and will feature 20 sequential waves of increasingly difficult creatures spawn nearby
  • A progress bar will appear near a Corrupted Shrine indicating which wave the Corruption is currently on
  • When all 20 waves of creatures have been defeated, a randomized Shrine Boss will spawn
  • When the Shrine Boss is defeated, it will not have standard loot on its corpse, but instead have Ankh Tokens

Ankh Tokens[edit]

  • Ankh Tokens
    Ankh Tokens are a sort of "lootbox" in that the reward is random and can range from Gold to high-end items
  • Double-click an Ankh Token to receive a reward
  • Ankh Tokens can be looted and stolen from players
  • Ankh Tokens weigh .1 stones each

How do I Earn Ankh Tokens?[edit]

  • Each individual wave of a Shrine Corruption is worth a predetermined number of Ankh Tokens that players can "bank"
  • Wave Ankh Token amounts range from 2.5 to 7.5 (increasing with wave difficulty)
    • 100 Ankh Tokens are available from all waves combined
  • The Shrine Boss is worth 50 Ankh Tokens (making 150 Ankh Tokens possible for each Shrine Corruption)
  • Players "bank" Ankh Tokens in decimal amounts based on their damage contribution towards each wave or the boss, and after a wave resolves, players will be notified how many Ankh Tokens they earned from it and what their cumulative total is
  • After the Shrine Boss is slain, "banked" Ankh Tokens for players will be distributed as normal with decimal amounts rounded
  • Players can double-click the corpse of the Shrine Boss to place all their bound Ankh Tokens on the corpse into their backpack

Shrine Bosses[edit]