Boss-level Creatures

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Shrine Bosses[edit]

  • Shrine Bosses have 250,000 Hit Points
  • Shrine Bosses can only be Barded once every 150 seconds
  • Shrine Bosses Autodispel every 7 seconds

Mini Bosses[edit]

  • Mini Bosses have 75,000 Hit Points
  • Mini Bosses Autodispel every 8 seconds
  • Mini Bosses can only be Barded once every 90 seconds
  • Mini Bosses can not be tracked in dungeons (players will still be able to get Tracking damage and Barding bonuses against them however)


  • Bosses have 150,000 Hit Points
  • Bosses Autodispel every 8 seconds
  • Bosses can only be Barded once every 120 seconds
  • Bosses can not be tracked in dungeons (players will still be able to get Tracking damage bonuses against them however)

Boss Custodians[edit]

  • Each Boss room (but not Mini-Boss areas) has a Custodian creature that spawns and patrols the room while the Boss is not currently spawned (and will disappear if the Boss does spawn)
  • Custodians periodically search the Boss room for players and tamed creatures and will reveal any found
  • Revealed players/tamed creatures will have a Fire Field dropped on them, will be prevented from Hiding again for 10 seconds, and will likely be attacked by the Custodian

Omni Bosses[edit]

  • Omni Bosses have 5,000,000 hit points
  • Omni Bosses can only be Barded once every 180 seconds
  • Omni Bosses Autodispel every 6 seconds
  • Omni Bosses have a very large amount of loot (Event Boss level) on their corpse
  • Prestige Points awarded:
    • 25 Prestige to the guild dealing the most damage to it
    • 15 Prestige to the guild dealing the 2nd most damage to it
    • 5 Prestige to all other guilds dealing damage to it
  • For Boss Results for the Omni Boss, damage amounts are broken down by Mastery Chain Links distributed (which is every 1,000,000 hit points dealt)

Omni Boss Completion[edit]

  • Omni Bosses distribute 1 Mastery Chain Link each time 1,000,000 hit points of damage have been dealt to it, making for a total of 5 Mastery Chain Links to be distributed
  • For each 1,000,000 damage dealt to the Omni Boss, the system looks at which players inflicted that damage and randomly grants a player a Mastery Chain Link in their backpack, with chances matching their damage percentage amounts
    • For example, a player who dealt 100,000 damage (which is 10% of the 1,000,000 total) would have a 10% chance to get the Link
  • If the player who would get the link is either dead or no longer in the Omni Lair, their link will appear on the Omni Bosses' corpse and only that player or their guildmates will be able to lift it for 10 minutes (after 10 minutes any player can lift it off the corpse)
  • 60 Minutes after the Omni Boss has been killed, all players currently remaining in the Omni Realm will be teleported (including their pets) back to the last town they have visited via public moongate

Event Bosses[edit]

  • Players must wait 2 seconds in between lifting items off the corpse of an Event Boss creature (i.e. massive creatures we spawn at the end of major events)

Boss Results Gump[edit]

  • The Boss Results system displays how individual players and guilds performed against Boss-Level Creatures. These include:
    • Mini-Bosses
    • Bosses
    • Shrine Bosses
    • Omni Bosses
    • Event Bosses
  • Players can view Boss Results by typing [BossResults in game
  • Results of boss fights are added to a list that have occurred over the last 30 days
  • Players can go back and forth and view previous Boss kill details by clicking the "Previous/Next" arrows at the top left of the window

Recently Slain Bosses[edit]

  • For a Boss that has just been killed, players who were involved in the fight (either did damage or in the same guild as a player who did damage to the boss) must wait 5 minutes before the Boss fight data is added to the list and is viewable
  • Once 60 minutes have passed since a Boss has been killed, all players (regardless of involvement in the fight) will see results of the Boss fight in their [BossResults menu
  • The delay in Boss Results being added is to prevent players from simply watching the results window and "raiding" groups have just finished Bosses