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Achievement Categories[edit]


  • Beastial Slayer
  • Construct Slayer
  • Daemonic Slayer
  • Elemental Slayer
  • Humanoid Slayer
  • Monstrous Slayer
  • Nature Slayer
  • Undead Slayer
  • Wilderness Hunter
  • Guardian of Aegis Keep
  • Guardian of Darkmire Temple
  • Guardian of Inferno
  • Guardian of Mount Petram
  • Guardian of Nusero
  • Guardian of Pulma
  • Guardian of Ossuary
  • Guardian of The Mausoleum
  • Paragon Slayer
  • Mini-Boss Slayer
  • Shrine Boss Slayer
  • Boss Slayer

Animal Handling[edit]

  • Domestication: Reach Animal Taming Skills
  • Animal Affinity: Reach Max Level With Control Slots Worth of Creatures
  • Zoology: Tame Different Creature Types


  • Transmutation: Create Arcane Essence through Recycling Items
  • Woodworker: Use Boards to Craft Items
  • Metalsmith: Use Ingots to Craft Items
  • Leatherworker: Use Leather to Craft Items
  • Scientist: Use Reagents to Craft Items
  • Culinary Savvy: Use Special Ingredients to Craft Food Items
  • Enchanter: Use Arcane Scrolls to Craft Items
  • Engineer: Use Mastercrafting Diagrams to Craft Items
  • Artisan: Use Arcane Extracts to Craft Items
  • Artificer: Use Aspect Mould Charges
  • Alchemist: Reach Alchemy Skills
  • Blacksmith: Reach Blacksmithy Skills
  • Carpenter: Reach Carpentry Skills
  • Chef: Reach Cooking Skills
  • Scribe: Reach Inscription Skills
  • Tailor: Reach Tailoring Skills
  • Tinker: Reach Tinkering Skills


  • Aspect Mastery: Reach Tier 10 in Any Aspect
  • Versatility: Use Skill Mastery Orbs
  • Savant: Use Skill Mastery or Epic Skill Mastery Scrolls
  • Skill Proficiency: Reach 100 Skill in Different Skills
  • Skill Mastery: Reach 120 Skill in Different Skills
  • Triggered: Trigger Aspect Weapon/Spellbook Special Effects


  • Cartographer: Reach Cartography 100
  • Treasure Hunter: Complete Level 1-3 Treasure Maps
  • Treasure Seeker: Complete Level 4-6 Treasure Maps
  • Fortune Hunter: Complete Level 7-8 Treasure Maps
  • Tomb Raider: Unlock Easy Dungeon Chests
  • Relic Hunter: Unlock Difficult Dungeon Chests
  • Archaeologist: Unlock Very Difficult Dungeon Chests
  • Archivist: Decode Lore Notes
  • Explorer: Unlock Hiking Locations for Single Character


  • Landowner: Purchase a House Deed
  • Affluent: Accumulate Gold From Activities
  • Expressive: Unlock Emotes
  • Enhanced: Spend Gold on Enhancements
  • Colorful: Unlock Spell Hues
  • Connoisseur: Eat Delectable Food Items
  • Nobility: Reach Lord/Lady Status With Characters
  • Practiced Liar: Win Games of Liars Dice
  • Roll Player: Win Gold While Playing Monster Shuffle


  • Recruitment: Recruit Ship Crewmembers using Begging
  • Captain: Register each Ship type
  • Shipwright: Spend Doubloons Upgrading Ships
  • Pirate: Sink Doubloon Value Worth of NPC Ships
  • Trawler: Cast Nets at Fishing Spots
  • Mariner: Use Special Fishing Nets
  • Salvager: Cast Nets at Message in Bottle Locations


  • Miner: Harvest Ore
  • Prospector: Complete Ore Maps
  • Lumberjack: Harvest Logs
  • Woodsman: Complete Lumber Maps
  • Skinner: Harvest Leather
  • Trapper: Complete Skinning Maps
  • Fisherman: Harvest Fish
  • Angler: Complete Fishing Maps


  • Illusionist: Use Disguise Kits
  • Successfully Steal from Innocent Players in Town
  • Panhandler: Receive Gold From Begging
  • Backstabber: Make Backstab Attacks Against Creatures
  • Serial Killer: Pay Ress Penalties for Short Term Murder Counts
  • Dread Lord/Lady: Reach Dread Lord/Lady Status With Characters


  • Veteran: Earn Faction Reward Points
  • Strategist: Earn Control Points During Faction Struggles
  • Soldier: Earn Kill Points During Faction Struggles
  • Skirmisher: Inflict Damage During Faction Struggles
  • Medic: Heal Other Players During Faction Struggles


  • Gladiator: Earn Arena Reward Points
  • Duelist: Win Arena Matches


  • Order of Armorers: Earn Points Within the Order of Armorers
  • Tradesman Union: Earn Points Within the Tradesman Union
  • Artificers Enclave: Earn Points Within the Artificers Enclave
  • Monster Hunter: Earn Points Within the Monster Hunter Society
  • Seafarer: Earn Points Within the Sea
  • Adventurer: Earn Points Within the Adventurers Lodge
  • Society Mastery: Earth Points Within Every Individual Society
    • Agent
    • Envoy
    • Diplomat
    • Emissary
    • Ambassador

Spending Reward Points for Prizes[edit]

  • Uncommon Seed
  • Rare Seed
  • Very Rare Seed
  • Emote Deed
  • Epic Skill Mastery Scroll
  • Skill Mastery Orb
  • Mastercrafting Diagram
  • Traveler's Lantern
  • Beige Horse Mount Token
  • Chestnut Horse Mount Token
  • Grey Mare Horse Mount Token
  • Dapple Horse Mount Token
  • Llama Mount Token
  • Desert Ostard Mount Token
  • Forest Ostard Mount Token
  • Tundra Ostard Mount Token
  • Frenzied Ostard Mount Token
  • Grizzly Bear Mount Token
  • Polar Bear Mount Token
  • Spell Scroll Tome
  • Treasure Map Tome
  • Skill Mastery Tome
  • Fishing Map Tome
  • Lumber Map Tome
  • Ore Map Tome
  • Skinning Map Tome